The Macklin Institute contracts with retirement communities willing to host shared-site intergenerational centers. We can own and operate a Center within and established elder care facility. These partnerships provide all the benefits of intergenerational programming without the day-to-day business worries for our facility partners.

Personalized Trainings

The Macklin Institute team can develop workshops and in service programs to meet the specific needs of any early childhood, school age or intergenerational program. These can be original trainings or adapted versions of one of our current trainings. Topics could include behavioral issues, staff/teamwork challenges, curriculum refreshers, and more.

For more information about the Macklin Institute or training and consultation opportunities, please contact the Executive Director by phone at 419-425-3043 or by email at

Intergenerational Shared-Site Start Up and Management

According to our friends at Generation United, an intergenerational shared site is a program in which children and older adults participate in ongoing services and/or programming concurrently at the same site, and where participants interact during regularly scheduled planned intergenerational activities, as well as through informal encounters.

Benefits of shared sites include the enhancement of quality of life for all participants, improvement of attitudes about different age groups, the provision of needed services to the community, increased cost savings through shared resources, and the ability to attract additional funding sources and act as positive public relations/marketing tools. Intergenerational shared sites serve and provide care to children, youth and older adults and also act as a mechanism to address of the social implications of an increasingly age-segregated society.

The natural fit and benefits make intergenerational shared sites an obvious choice. We feel that every retirement community should host a child care facility. We want to work with you to  help make this a reality.

Our staff can offer you everything from onsite start up and management of a shared site program, to long term training for your existing staff. If you would like a tour of our facility or would like to make arrangements for our staff to visit your facility to make a presentation please contact

Executive Director, Tiffani Murray at or

by phone at 419-425-3043.


The Macklin Institute can off expert ongoing consultation for individuals or businesses looking to establish an early childhood, school age or intergenerational program or partnership.  These services are offered on a contractual basis which can be for a specified and negotiated period of time.

Other Services Offered

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